Frequently Asked Questions

What are the shipping methods?

1. Automatic: The products marked with automatic delivery in the above guarantee service will automatically receive the product acquisition (download) link from the seller after the photo is taken;
2. Manual: After the product is not marked with automatic delivery, the seller will receive email and SMS reminders, and the phone in the order will contact the other party.

How to receive the goods?

After you have successfully paid on the platform, the merchant will receive a new order email and mobile phone text message from the platform.
A. If the goods are shipped automatically, you can enter the "My Management Center"-I am the buyer-"My Purchase Order" to obtain the download address and password of the product.
B. The merchant will deliver the goods to you in time after receiving the email and SMS.

Under what circumstances can you apply for a refund?

1. Description: The source code description (including the title) is inconsistent with the actual source code (for example: the description that PHP is actually ASP, the function described is actually missing, the version does not match, etc.);
2. Demonstration: When there is a demo station, it is less than 95% consistent with the actual source code (except for the similarly significant statement "not guaranteed to be exactly the same, there is the possibility of change" in the description);

3. Delivery: manual delivery of the source code, before the seller has applied for a refund before delivery;

4. Installation: The source code of the installation service is provided for free but the seller does not perform it;

5. Fees: additional fees are charged (except for the obvious statement in the description or the agreement between the two parties before the transaction);

6. Others: such as hard and conventional problems in quality.
Note: After verifying that it meets any of the above, refunds are supported, unless the seller actively solves the problem.

Source code default trading cycle?

It takes 1 day for products to be shipped automatically, 3 days for products to be shipped manually, and buyers have the right to extend the transaction cycle by 3 days once;
If the two parties still cannot complete the transaction in the above transaction period, either party can initiate a request for an additional period (1 to 60 days), and the other party can extend it with consent.